Finding & Funding great Ideas

Join our micro-investing Club, to fund great projects.

You want to help great ideas and projects come to life, we would like to help you achieve that. Our objective is to find great ideas, that might have an impact (small or big), and help the founders raise the needed funds through crowd-funding. By joining our club you will get weekly/monthly details on what projects are worth investing in.

  • Get information about only the best ideas and projects, those that we would invest in ourselves.

  • Decide on your own, which ones you want to invest in, and which ones you don't want to.

  • We filter the type of ideas & projects, and send you only what fits your goals and investment plans and budget.

  • We will do the background checks, and in some cases we will even take care of the execution ourselves.

  • We have experienced entrepreneurs and people involved in technology to help us assess well the ideas and projects.

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